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Alumni - School of Social Sciences

Our alumni are highly valued and important to us, as they carry knowledge acquired from here into the world. To enrich the relationship between the School and former students, this section of the webpage provides a space for alumni to share their stories.

By linking this page with our Social Media, we have created an opportunity for students and alumni to:

  • Hear and learn about other alumni
  • Build a rich and diverse network of contacts
  • Keep in touch with friends
  • Hear about news and current developments from the faculty or within the network
  • Give back and contribute to the progress of your educational institution, the University of Bradford

You could also get involved by mentoring new students or by providing us with your story, thus enriching the knowledge and experience database that our body of alumni has to offer.

For information please contact

To connect with us on LinkedIn, please find the user: SSIS University of Bradford