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Why study with us?

Our courses are structured as bridges leading students to successful employment or further study.

Courses are designed and taught by staff who have a rich and deep experience of working with students on all levels of study – from undergraduate to postgraduate and research.

Additionally, a large majority of our staff are actively engaged in real world projects, ranging from corporate businesses, international organisations, non-governmental organisations and the local community.

This directly impacts on the real-world quality of our teaching and engagement with our students.

In order to enhance the future prospects of our graduates, our teaching methods are carefully designed and are centred on enhancing transferable skills for our students, covering everything from teamwork to in-depth research, and presentation skills to report writing.


"Bradford is such a melting pot of cultures, which I enjoy very much. If you're open-minded you can get to know the world without travelling"

Ulrike Shiuan-Horng Erica
International Development Research Student

"Studying at Bradford has helped me immensely-lecturers are dynamic and inspiring and keen to support their students' personal development. It's an excellent preparation for my future"

Mahmood Syed