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Why Work with the University of Bradford?

Staying ahead of the competition in a fast and ever-changing world with limited resources is a constant challenge.  If you are an established organisations, you may also be constantly concerned about obligations and ensuring the company runs smoothly as well as being occupied by the need to innovate your product/service range to meet the growing and diverse needs of customer and provide the best possible customer service. 

Having worked with businesses for 50 years, we have a good understanding of what the present day challenges are.  But, we don’t make any assumptions.  We always determine the appropriate service by listening to your needs and developing a proposal tailored around those conversations.

Being a technology University, digital innovation is at the forefront of most of our research. We know technological advancement in industry is a constant challenge and we can help with that.

We have an excellent track record of graduate employment, which is largely due to our research and teaching being industry relevant. We are keen to grow our industry connections to continue to make our teaching real-world related.  Our academics understand that commercial partnerships provide mutual benefit, which makes for a more fruitful project.

Our blend of services can help you design and re-design your product range, services and infrastructure to give you a competitive edge, and we can explore affordable routes to achieve this, some of which are only available through working with Universities.